5 New wallpapers (Click the pics).

I've recorded a "shout out"-jingle a'la ToS for the great Dave Softee and his great shows and gave it to him this morning. If You have not heard his shows, I recommend them at www.metalmessiahradio.com! Thanks, Dave!
Also many other great DJ's there, so feel free to tune in!

2009-08-14 (one more last thing for MJ)
I feel that I want to say something about a person whose name is unknown for too many people. Which makes me sad. And I want to say it like this. We have Yngwie Malmsteen from Sweden. Many of us know His name. What not as many know, is that He has played with one of Sweden's best musicians and songwriters. I hope that you who not already know his name, will get the joy of knowing it. I hope that the music industry won't abandon this treasure we had. I wish I had known you. Rest in peace, Marcel Jacob.

Thanks, heptadreamr, for the help with translation.

In swedish:
(Thanks, Piteå-Tidningen)

Jag känner att jag vill säga några ord om en person, som jag känner alltför få i vårt land känner till namnet på. Vilket gör mig ledsen. Och jag vill vinkla det på följande sätt. Vi har vår stolthet Yngwie Malmsteen i vårt land. Många känner till hans namn. Vad många inte vet, är att Han har spelat med en av Sveriges bästa musiker och låtskrivare. Jag hoppas att Ni som läser detta och inte redan känner till honom, får glädjen att göra det. Jag hoppas att musik-Sverige inte låter denna skatt vi hade, och för alltid kommer att ha genom hans musik, falla i glömska. Jag önskar jag hade fått känna honom. Vila i frid, Marcel Jacob.

I hope that SVT will show the Talisman-DVD one day.

2009-08-14 (on the side of ToS)
Just for the love for Shania Twain and her great songs, there is now a way of sending her a Birthday Message, for the 28:th this month, on her page: www.shaniatwain.com :) Nothing to do with ToS, of course, but I just wanted to let you know this opportunity to make her happy because she's not just a pretty face :)

[Inspiration and favorite Videos]

News songs added on myspace.

2009-08-12 (b)
Recommending You all a great place on the net:
Thanks, Dave Softee and Kitteh!
Lots of great bands there!

("on the side of them", ToS are there now, too =)

Another great place is: SunBiz Place here!
Thanks, Biz & Sun! U rock! Kramen =)

2009-08-12 (a)
The writing of the lyrics, that are still left to be written for the demo, has started again. I will try to write them as good and understandable as I can, of course. Thanks everyone who supports and still supports ToS. You are the best!

The first song to write lyrics to, is:

Thanks, Biz, for the link to Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator!

The name of the demo have been changed to "Heart of a Viking".

2009-08-10 (b)
I got an answer from Gary - read it on ToS blog here if You like! Thanks so much, Gary, Sue and all the kids! You truly rock! Best wishes /Egon

2009-08-10 (a)
I recorded a version this evening of the song "One More Step Along The World I Go" for the kids at Manor Farm Infant School in England. I'm not sure if it is good enough, but I've now sent it to the great Gary and we'll see what he says =) Best wishes /Egon

ToS is now also on Roadrunner's page here! Feel free to check it out! Wishing you all a great weekend!

Graphics made by Biz.

Cover art by Jennifer Singleton.
Effect graphics by Kitty.

Best wishes /Egon :)

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

I will try to make a "rhythm-backing-track" on the song "One More Step Along The World I Go" for the great kids at Manor Farm Infant School in England. Thanks, Gary and the Gang, and everyone at Manor Farm Infant School, for this honour. I hope the track will be able to sing along to for the children. Thanks again! You all rock! /Egon :)


(Min lilla insändare i PT Måndagen den 3:e augusti 2009 :)

Att vara trevlig är gratis
I dagens allt mer självcentrerade värld, tycks tyvärr hjärnan, bekvämlighet och girighet ta mer plats än hjärtat och omtanke. Gammalt "vanligt hyfs" verkar bli en bristvara. Att man skall tacka när någon hjälper en, eller att hålla löften, verkar bli mindre och mindre självklart. Speciellt inom vänskapsbanden av idag. Attityden verkar bli mer och mer att hålla på sitt egna och ej behöva bry sig längre om att visa respekt inför varandra för att "de är ju ens vänner, så då behövs ej det - de finns ju ändå kvar". Men den som tar sina vänner för givet, kan sluta ensam. På stan så hälsar bekanta mindre på varandra, eller inte alls längre, och folk verkar ej heller lära sig av historien, att inte döma utan att veta hela sanningen. Man skall ej lägga patiens om man ej har alla korten i leken. Det är bekvämt (och snabbt gjort) att döma någon på grund av diverse saker istället för att ta sig tid att försöka förstå den personens sanning. Och den som ser sig själv som felfri har minst ett fel. Tänk om vi på vår jord istället kunde kombinera Hjärta och Hjärna och tänka med hjärtat först och sedan låta hjärnan reflektera över det och låta det hela sluta i goda gärningar? Så gott det går i alla fall. Att vara trevlig mot andra är gratis och man tjänar faktiskt på det. Mvh och rock on! /Egon :)



First: A personal greeting to my friend Anders Sandlund: I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you and I wish you a quick recovery. You know where to find me if you need me.

Second: Soon the writing of the lyrics begins for the final songs on the demo "Vikings from Hell". I'm glad to inform that the great singer Lasse Hjelm (Nagazaki, Phoenix, Magnet Mind, Heartbreak Blues Band and more) have offered himself to sing a song for ToS. Thank you so much for that, Lasse. You rock! I will try to write some good lyrics and then I'll be in touch and see if you still wanna sing the tune. Who will sing the rest of the songs, looks like it will be me. I guess. We'll see. Will though be fun to finally finish this demo and then try to write something new again. Take care.

R.I.P. Marcel Jacob.
A great human being and great musician has passed away: Marcel Jacob. Rest in peace, Marcel. You will be deeply, deeply missed.


Hello again! =) I've now heard from Tommy and he will make a try with singing the tune "Threshold to Valhalla"! Thanks, Tommy! You rock! The rest of the songs that are not finished on "Vikings from Hell", I will try to sing. So this demo will be finished and new horizons can rise ;) Thanks again to everyone out there who have supported and still supports ToS! You are the best! /E

ToS is back! I've contacted the great singer/musician Tommy "Reinxeed" Johansson and he is willing to sing some ToS-songs! I'm very happy about that! Thanks, Tommy! You truly rock! Check out his great songs here and make sure to buy his albums "The Light" (2008) and "Higher" (2009) here! All the best /Egon

Will soon try to continue the work with the "Vikings from Hell"-demo, so it will get finished. Meanwhile, 3 quotes in swedish here =) Have a great weekend! /E

Two new pics of Sergey on the FanPage and also below:

Thanks, Sergey, for the Big support! You truly ROCK, my friend! /E

If the tk-address does not work click here

ToS is put on hold. Take care.

"The Headless Crosswords" added to the site! The first crossword is about finding movies, so test Your knowledge about movies and actors here! :)

Check out the "video" to "The Battle" here! I just borrowed the animated video for the song. I do not know who made it; maybe it is from a video game, but I hope it is ok that I borrowed it. It suites the song, I think. I hope to make a ToS video from scratch some day soon. If You have made these animated images and do not want me using them, please let me know and I will erase the "video". /E

New Song uploaded on ToS MySpace-page here! The song is "Rune Stones" and features the great Daniel Nilsson on vocals and the great guitarplayer Dan Sindel on lead guitar! Progged drums at the moment, but I'm hoping to get real drums from the great drummer Thomas. Thanks, everyone! You rock!

A few weeks back, I sent the great bassplayer Billy Sheehan a "bass song" (an instrumental piece) and he will maybe play some bass solos with me on that one. He is a busy man, so I will (of course) understand if he will not have the time. I hope he will have the time though because it would really be a dream come true. He said that if he can, he would be happy to do it. Thanks, Billy, for all the inspiration and for having a good and kind attitude. You truly rock! www.billysheehan.com

I've gotten the guitar solo for "Threshold to Valhalla" from the very talented Johan Randén and it rocks! Thanks, Johan!

Two new videos added to the ToS-videos-page: the great Fabrizio playing the Jens Johansson keyboard-parts from the Stratovarius-song "Stratosphere" and also my small tribute to the great band Rainbow, a "Rainbow Bass Medley"!

The CD "The Tale of Enchantia" has now been sent to Lance King and Nightmare Records in USA and also to the great webzine Hard Blast in Brazil! Daniel Nilsson has started the vocals recordings of "Threshold to Valhalla" and the sample I got sounds great! Thanks, Daniel! Also thanks to Lance and thanks to Maila-Kaarina Riippa of Hard Blast! Also, some new riffs have been written for the next demo (Demo 5) "New Horizons". Have a great weekend! /E

Lance "Voice in Metal" King of Nightmare Records has shown his interest in Tower of Stone and I will send Lance the "Enchantia"-demo. Thanks, Lance! You rock!

Starting off 2009 with some bass:
Two of my old (1998) bass stuff:

"Iron Maiden Bass Medley"
Dedicated to Steve Harris.
Dedicated to Megan Follows.

I wish You who supports ToS a HappY 2009! A Big thanks to all the musicians who contributed to the songs - you are wonderful and just awesome! No thanks to a certain record label from Italy. A Big Thanks to my family (miss you, Dad), The Fans and my Friends - old and new! You all rock! Happy New Year! /E :)

ABBA's "Happy New Year"

Great news - Johan will play the solo! Thanks! Welcome to the Tower! Another great news is that there will be one more drummer on "Vikings from Hell" and that is the great drummer Harpo Skank (see the pic and his link below)! Welcome to the Tower! /E.

Harpo on MySpace

Got the drums for "Hammer of Thor" and made a first mix - You can listen to it at ToS Myspace. Thanks, Thomas - You ROCK! Sad news is that Ed "Grampa" Palmer will not be playing a solo on this upcoming demo. But I hope he will later, on another demo. You rock, my Friend and Bro! The great and amazing guitarist Johan Randén, will maybe play the solo on the song "Threshold to Valhalla" instead. Johan has gotten the question and the song, so we'll see. Also got the smoking keyboardsolo from the great Fab - truly great stuff - thanks, Fab! Last, but not least, the demo "The Tale of Enchantia" is now FREE to download as a New Years Gift from ToS. You find the link at the bottom of the First Page. Stay tuned! /E

Johan Randén on MySpace


2008-12-14 (b)
The song (a rouch mix) "Hammer of Thor" is uploaded on ToS MySpace. Thanks, Daniel Nilsson and Tracy G!

2008-12-14 (a)
In the words of Queen: The Show Must Go On.

I've gotten the vocal files from Daniel for the song "Rune Stones" and also the lead guitar track from Dan Sindel! Great work from you both! Thank you so much, Daniel and Dan - You Rock!

Also thanks to everyone who have shown their support after my dads passing. Warms my heart. Thanks. The funeral will be on the 17:th of December.

Today my dad passed away.
Rest in peace, dear dad.
I miss you so much.

Got the vocal files for "Hammer of Thor" from Daniel Nilsson and he sings great! As usual! :) Thanks, Daniel! You are great!

Just got the solo files from Jocke! GREAT work, Jocke! Thanks!

Got the first solo-sample from Joakim this evening and it is a great solo absolutely perfect for the song! Thanks, Jocke! You rock! :)

Sad news is that Andreas Fors will not be playing on the upcoming demo. Thanks, Andreas, for all the solos so far. Happy news is that the new great lead guitarist is Joakim Forsgren (of B-low) on the song "Slayer". Welcome to the Tower, Joakim!

Joakim on MySpace
B-Low on MySpace

Great things happening! Just got the drum file for "Ancient Tears" from Thomas and he is truly a great drummer! Thank you so much, my friend! Looking forward to working more with you! /E

2008-11-05 (b)
The great drummer Thomas Öqvist will be playing drums on some of the songs on the upcoming "Vikings from Hell"! Welcome to the Tower! U ROCK!

<--Thomas Öqvist - Drums
Photo by Daniel Nilsson

2008-11-05 (a)
Yesterday I got the solos from the great former DIO-axeman TRACY G and the solos are great! Thanks so much, Tracy! You rock!

New review (in swedish) here! Thanks, Joyzine!

So far I've gotten the solos from Janne Stark, Jonas Hörnqvist and Janne "JaMa" Martinsson and each solo rocks! Thank you so much, Janne, Jonas and JaMa!

New song uploaded on the ToS MySpace page! It is the first song from the upcoming "Vikings from Hell"-demo-CD: "Ancient Tears" with great vocals by Daniel Nilsson and a great guitar solo by Janne Stark! A big Thanks to Daniel and Janne for their great work! You rock!

The great Daniel Nilsson have started the vocal recordings for 1-2 songs. What I have heard so far, is great stuff! Thanks, Daniel - You ROCK! Songs have also been sent to all the other great musicians of "Vikings from Hell" and these are "their songs" for the solos:

01 Ancient Tears Solo by Janne Stark (solo done!)
02 The Hammer of Thor Solo by Tracy G
03 Runestones Solo by Dan Sindel
04 Threshold to Valhalla Solo by Ed "Grampa" Palmer
05 Carved in Stone Solo by Jonas Hörnqvist
06 Dragon Ships Solo by Jan Martinsson
07 Slayer Solo by Andreas Fors
08 God of Thunder Solo by Frederic Hugues
09 Vikings from Hell Solo by Fabrizio Muratori

Thanks to Janne Stark for the great solo! You ROCK!

/E :)

Does Your mobile phone support AAC-files and You want to add a ToS ringtone to Your phone? Download the file here! :)

NEW REVIEW here! Thanks to Neven Trosic (SRM) for the review!

I know that I am very early now, but demo number 5 (after "Vikings from Hell") will be named "New Horizons" and will be a different and special thing. The song titles and the album idea is already decided. Exactly what it will be, will be a secret for now. /E :)

NEW REVIEW here! Thanks to Miguel Ramirez G. for the review!

I'm very happy to announce that the great guitarplayer TRACY G (ex-DIO, Tracy G Group, Driven, Rags, Goaded) will be playing a guitarsolo on the upcoming "Vikings from Hell"-CD! Thanks, Tracy, and a BIG Welcome to The Tower!

Check out Tracy G here or click the pic!

2008-09-25 (b)
The first song "Ancient Tears" is now sent to the great singer Daniel Nilsson (welcome back to the Tower!) and to the great swedish rock legend Janne Stark for the guitar solo.

2008-09-25 (a)
New review of "The Tale of Enchantia" here! For now just in swedish - translation to english will come. Thanks to Niklas from www.swedenmetal.se for the review! /E

This week and the coming weekend, the lyrics to the rest of the songs will be written. Also, I'm sad to say; Mats Levén was not interested in singing the ToS-tune, but I have my eye on another great singer, so stay tuned! :)

The lyrics to "Hammer of Thor" is written.

The first review of "The Tale of Enchantia" here! Thank You so much, Raskal my friend! You ROCK! Also: the lyrics for "Ancient Tears" from the upcoming "Vikings from Hell" is finished and I have also made a rough recording with me on vocals. That version is only for the singer that will be singing the song in the end. I have contacted the great and amazing singer Mats Levén (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux, Therion and more) and I hope he will be willing to sing this song. Even though I sing on this first version.. *S* Will send Mats the file + a copy of "The Tale of Enchantia" tomorrow Monday. Stay tuned! /E :)

If You want to sponsor ToS and buy any of the demos available contact me at: info@towerofstone.com
The money goes to CD:s, paper and everything that makes the CD:s. /Egon

I'm very happy to announce that JANNE STARK and JONAS HÖRNQVIST are going to play a solo each again for ToS on the upcoming "Vikings from Hell"! Thank you so much, Janne & Jonas!







2008-08-19 (b)
Today the rhythm guitars and bass to the last songs "Slayer", "God of Thunder" and the title song "Vikings from Hell" was recorded.

2008-08-19 (a)
My friend
Jan Martinsson (Lead guitarist) added to the list! Welcome to the Tower! You rock! [Members-page]

2008-08-18 (b)
The rhythm guitars + bass for the songs "Carved in Stone" and "Dragon Ships" was recorded today.

2008-08-18 (a)
The Members-Page updated!

2008-08-17 (b)
The rhythm guitars + bass for the song "Threshold to Valhalla" was recorded today.

2008-08-17 (a)
The musicians (so far) finished for "Vikings from Hell":
Fabrizio Muratori
, Keyboards -link-
Frederic Hugues
, lead guitar -link-
Ed Palmer
, lead guitar -link-
Dan Sindel
, lead guitar -link-
Andreas Fors
, lead guitar -link-
Welcome to the Tower! Thanks for all Your support and great playing! /E

The rhythm guitars and bass for the songs "Ancient Tears", "Hammer of Thor" and "Runestones" was recorded today.

Good news are that "The Tale of Enchantia" is finished and 10 copies have been sent to Rock Avenue Records in the great Japan. Sad news is that the contract from the record label Underground Symphony never came (it was sent twice 4 months ago) and now they do not answer anymore. So the dream still lives on and the work with the next cd "Vikings from Hell" continues. Stay tuned! =)

This week the real recordings of "Vikings from Hell" starts.

I wrote an e-mail to the brilliant pianist David Helfgott and his lovely wife Gillian and they answered with a beautiful letter. Their big hearts and David's way of playing music is now an inspiration and makes me want to write more music. Thank you, David & Gillian! You are great and I wish you all the happiness in the world! And to everyone else: watch the great movie "Shine" and inspire Your hearts from their love for music and Life. I wish you all a great weekend! /E

Today the music of the songs "Threshold to Valhalla" and "Vikings from Hell" was written! So now all the music (the skeletons of the songs) are finished and the real recordings will start! I will also start asking some people if they want to play and sing on "Vikings from Hell"! The great Fabrizio will play the keyboards! Thanks, Fabrizio, for the friendship and for the great music You bring to the ToS-songs! You ROCK!

The music to "God of Thunder" is now written.

First: HaPPy Birthday to my sister Elaine! :) Second: The song "Enchantia", which ends the album "The Tale of Enchantia", is now uploaded on ToS' MySpace Page! Just half the song, but You can hear the great vocals of Stig Vikström and the great keyboards by Fabrizio! Thanks, my friends! YOU ROCK!

A FanPage has been added to the site! The great (and probably ToS' biggest fan) Sergey Mazurenko from Russia, is the first to be added on the page! Thanks, Sergey, for all Your support! You rock!

Are You a fan of ToS, too? Send us Your picture and You will be added on the page! egge@passagen.se

Today I wrote the music to two more songs for the next demo "Vikings from Hell". The songs are "Dragon Ships" and "Slayer". So now there is 3 more songs left to write the music to. After that, the work with the lyrics will start.

Winamp-skins added on the Media-page!

New review here! Thanks, The Forgotten Scroll and Countraven! Some more great news: Bobby Rondinelli is going to use "The Sorcerers Dream" on his drum clinics! Thanks so much, Bobby! You ROCK! /E



The lyrics to "The Tale of Enchantia" is now available here.

New review of "Painting Tomorrow" on the Review-page! Or go directly to the review here! Thanks to Marios Metal Mania and especially Ronny Elst for the review! Thanks! You rock!

Now the song "Tale of the Forest" is on ToS MySpace!

Today I got the vocal files for "Tale of the Forest"! Thanks so much, Luiz Syren! You sing great! Great work! Now the mixing of the song has begun! Thanks again, my friend! You ROCK!

ToS-Slideshow added on the Media-page! Thanks, Biz! You rock!

Today I got the vocal files for "Enchantia"! Sounds great! Thank you so much, Stig! You are absolutely great! Now one song left to finish (the vocals) and then "The Tale of Enchantia" is finished!

New review! Thanks, Underground Metal! It's in german and You can read it here!

New Bass Solo video.

ToS-related Videos (bigger size)

Today I got the contract offer from the Italian record label Underground Symphony! Stay tuned! :)

The music of "Ancient Tears", "Hammer of Thor", "Runestones" and "Carved in Stone" of the next demo "Vikings from Hell" is written.

New review of "Painting Tomorrow" here written by Cecilia Wemgård from www.plaskis.se! Thank you, Cecilia & Plaskis, for the review! You rock!

2 songs (vocals) left to do and then "The Tale of Enchantia" is finished!

Today I got the vocals for "Fires in the Sky" and they are great! The Great Stig is awesome - thank you so much, Stig! Soon the song will be on ToS' MySpace page, so stay tuned! Rock on!

I got the keyboardfiles for the titlesong "Enchantia" today from the great Fabrizio and they are great! He is a very busy man now with a job, album-recording with his great band NhorizoN, gigs and also ToS, so I thank You, Fabrizio, for taking time to do this for ToS as well! You totally ROCK! Thanks! Now there is only the vocals for "Fires in the Sky", "Tale of the Forest" and "Enchantia" left before the final mixing of the whole demo =) Also, the demo-CD "Painting Tomorrow" is now available in Japan! Rock on and Stay Tuned! =)

Today it is an article in the newspaper Piteå-Tidningen about ToS, Bobby Rondinelli and the upcoming demo! The swedish version is here (PT) and a translation in english is here! A Big Thanks to Sara Lindström & PT!

The song "Magic Mirror" is now finished and I've done a first metal mix! Thanks for the great vocals, Stig (of Tundra), and thanks, Frederic Hugues, for the great guitarsolo! You rock, my friends! I have also come to the conclusion that my vocals for "Fires in the Sky" is not at all good enough, so I have handed over the mic to the great and amazing Stig! Looking forward to Your great vocals on that song! Thanks so much my friend! You rock! Also, I'm very happy to say, an Italian Record Label have shown their interest in ToS and I hope we will work together! But that, only time can show.. Stay tuned! :)

2008-01-17 #2
This evening I recorded the vocals for "Fires in the Sky"!

2008-01-17 #1
Finally the lyrics for the titlesong "Enchantia" is finished.

More songs added on the ToS MySpace page! "Do or Die" from "Painting Tomorrow" (2007) and "Starlit Eyes" from "The Sacred Dragon" (2005)!

Nine new riffs written and recorded for demo 4: "Vikings From Hell"! Will finish the actual songs as soon as I can after the current demo is finished! The titles of the new coming songs are "Ancient Tears", "The Hammer of Thor", "Runestones", "Threshold to Valhalla", "Carved in Stone", "Dragon Ships", "Slayer", "God of Thunder" and "Vikings from Hell"! Stay tuned!

Changes in the "ToS-Enchantia-Lineup": Frederic Hugues from France will be playing the guitarsolo on the song "Magic Mirror" and Luiz Syren from Brazil (of SYREN) are singing the song "Tale of the Forest"! Daniel Nilsson, who were going to sing these songs, do not have the time, so Stikkan (of Tundra) will be singing "Magic Mirror". I have not been able to get in touch with the leadguitarist Dennis (of Dawn of Glory), so he will not be on this demo, but I hope to work with him on the next demo instead! Anders Sandlund, who was supposed to sing "Fires in the Sky", has backed out, so I do not know at the moment who will sing that tune. Maybe me ;) but I do not think I can live up to be a singer =) We'll see who will sing that song! Thanks to everyone and Welcome to The Tower, Frederic & Luiz! You ROCK!


Due to unexpected things that have happened, the demo "The Tale of Enchantia" will not be released this year, sorry, but it will come out in 2008! Take care everyone and thanks for all the support! You rock! I wish you a great year of 2008! /Egon

NEW SONGS uploaded on the ToS MySpace Page! "Trapped in the Castle", with great vocals by STIG VIKSTRÖM of TUNDRA, and "Here Comes The Ogre" featuring the great singer DANIEL NILSSON and the amazing guitarplayer JONAS HÖRNQVIST (of Treasure Land) on lead guitar! And FAB rocks again! Thanks guys for a GREAT performance on the songs! YOU ROCK!

Click the pic!

And the mixing and recordings continues..

The song "The Sorcerers Dream" with the great BOBBY RONDINELLI on Drums, the great JANNE STARK on Lead Guitar, the great MIKAEL HOLM on Vocals and, of course: the amazing FAB MURATORI on keyboards - is now uploaded on the ToS MySpace-page! Use the menu or click here and go and listen! Hope You will like the song! Feel free to leave a comment in the Guestbook, too, if You like! :)

And the mixing and recordings continues..

The songs "Magic Mirror" and "Tale of of the Forest" have been given to the great singer Daniel Nilsson for vocals and the last one have also been sent to the great Fab for keyboards! Looking forward to their tracks! 10 free demos of "Painting Tomorrow" have been sent to The Manor Farm Infant School so they can sell the copies and help the children! I hope it goes well! Thanks, Gary! Also, soon some new songs from the upcoming demo, will be uploaded at ToS MySpace page! Which songs is a secret at the moment, but soon I'll tell you all! =)

Have a great Halloween!

And the mixing and recordings continues..

2007-10-21 #2
An early "Christmas present" below! Just click on it! =)

2007-10-21 #1
The great Fabrizio Muratori has finished the keyboards for "Journey to the Valley" and the swedish rocklegend Janne Stark has done the solo for "The Sorcerers Dream" and it all sounds great! Janne's solo is perfect for the song and Fab's keys creates a great feel to the song! Just wonderful! The mixing still goes on and songs have been sent to Fab and also to the great singer Daniel Nilsson, so more music to come! Also vocals for "The Battle" in progress by the great singer Stig Stikkan Vikstrom (of Tundra) and on that song the guitarsolo will be done by the great and talented Andreas Fors (guitarist and founder of Tundra)! P.S. Tundra's first demo-record is finished! You can find it on their website here! D.S.

The vocals for "Here Comes The Ogre" has been recorded in Studio Lillmora and the great singer Daniel Nilsson did an awesome job! Thank you so much, Daniel! You truly rock, my friend!

And the mixing and recordings continues..

A translation of the review by the great Yuki, is now posted! ~Review~ A thousand thanks, Yuki!

Review by the great Yuki of Melodic Renaissance Magazine, Japan, here! Thank you so much, Yuki! You rock! Also, 10 more copies of "Painting Tomorrow" ordered by Rock Avenue Records in Japan!

And the mixing and recordings continues..

2007-09-05 #2
This evening the great guitarplayer of Tundra recorded the guitarsolo for "Journey to the Valley"! A great solo! Thank you, Andreas! You rock, my friend!

Yesterday evening the vocals for "The Sorcerers Dream" and "Journey to the Valley" was recorded and the singer Mikael Holm did a great job! Thank you, Mikael! Also a big thanks to Daniel Nilsson for the use of his Studio Lillmora! Mikael & Daniel - You rock! Also, today I sent 5 copies of the demo "Painting Tomorrow" to Rock Avenue Records in Japan! Thanks for the order, Tatsumi!

And the mixing continues..

Two new videos added! It is the amazing Fabrizio playing with his band NhorizoN! Check out the videos on the Videos-page! Thanks, Fab - You ROCK!

The keyboards for "Fires in the Sky" is finished and also the english lyrics! The amazing Fabrizio plays great (as usual)! Thanks, Fab! A mix have been given to the singer Anders Sandlund and soon I hope to record the vocals! The great Stig did great vocals on "Trapped in the Castle" and has now gotten the music to "The Battle" - looking forward to his vocals on that one, too! It is also now decided that Stig will be singing the title-song "Enchantia"! The singer Daniel Nilsson have gotten "The Ogre" and singer Mikael Holm will be doing the vocal recordings on the songs "The Sorcerers Dream" and "Journey to the Valley" this coming week! Looking forward to their vocals! I'm sure it will be great! Have a nice and hard rocking weekend, everyone!

And the mixing continues..

A few days ago I got the drum-files for "Fires in the Sky" from Claes and it sounds great! Thank you so much, Claes! You truly rock, my friend! I have also gotten the vocals for "Trapped in the Castle" from the great Stig (of Tundra) and he sings awesome! Great metal voice there! Thank you so much, my friend! You rock! Some more songs have been sent to Fabrizio and I'm looking forward to his keyboards again! I can also mention that the song "Fires in the Sky" will have a version with swedish lyrics, too, for "The Norrbottens Radion" (The northern radio channel =) and that special version will be called "Eldarna i skyn" and will be about my hometown Piteå! Rock on / Rok ån everyone!

The demo "The Sacred Dragon" is from today not for sale anymore. The production is not good enough (my fault of course), so I have decided to let this first demo rest. Maybe one day I will record the songs again with better quality and arrangements. The vocals, guitarsolos and keyboards are good, of course - I thank You who sang and played on this demo and also You who bought it - but I do not want to sell it anymore because of the weak drums and stuff. "The Sacred Dragon" has now gone to sleep. /E

And the mixing continues..

The site updated - Introduction, Media, and a new Videos-link in the menu.

And the mixing continues..

The amazing and talented Fabrizio has finished the keyboards for the song "The Ogre" and (like always) he played great! Thanks my friend! The great guitarplayer Andreas (of Tundra) has now gotten the music for "Journey to the Valley" and has started working on the guitarsolo! Looking forward to it! Also, my dear friend Cat from Holland has just had her birthday and I'm happy that Her day became great! She got the demo of ToS and you can all watch her video on the Media-page if you like! Happy birthday again, Cat - You rock!

And the mixing continues..

Music have been sent to vocalists, Fabrizio and Janne Stark and the mixing continues. If everything goes as planned, I hope that the final mixings of the demo will begin in 2-3 months. Thanks again to everyone involved and to You who support ToS. You rock!

Also promoting Tundra:
Also promoting NhorizoN:

I have gotten the "Fab-files" for the song "TSD" and the mixing continues! Thank you, Fabrizio - Your keyboardplaying is world class! You rock! Another great news is that my childhood friend Claes Isacson will be playing the drums on the song "Fires in the Sky"! A warm welcome to the Tower, Claes - You rock! Rok ån! ;)

To quote the band Queen: "The show must go on" and now the mixing of the songs are back on track again! The song "The Sorcerers Dream", on which the great Bobby plays drums, have been sent to the great Fab who are working on the keyboards for the song! I'm mixing the music of all the songs and soon it is time for the singers to do the vocals! Stig (the singer of Tundra) has already started with the song "The Battle" and came up with another vocal-melody-line than mine, but I liked it very much, so it will be that one - thanks, Stig! Thanks again to all of you who are making this third demo very fun to create - you are truly great! Also thanks to family and friends for supporting ToS! You are the best! Long live rock and roll!

Also promoting Elfion:
Also promoting Raskal's Metal Shock:

1. My dear friend Robert Eriksson has passed away. He was a wonderful human being, Friend and drummer. I've played the bass beside him several times, latest in the coverband Roadcrew, and it was always a treat. I will miss you forever. Rest in peace, Robert

2. A new review on the Review-page! This time it is the great metal-magazine Sweden Rock Magazine's Daniel Berg who has written it! Thank you, Daniel! (it is only in swedish at the moment, but a translation will come!)

3. The great Bobby Rondinelli called me some days ago and told me that the drums for "The Sorcerers Dream" has now been recorded! He played the track for me through the phone and it sounded great! I also got to talk a little with the sound-engineer Patrick and they are both very nice guys and talanted on what they do! Thanks, Bobby & Patrick!

I am very proud and honored to announce that the amazing drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, The Lizards) will be playing the drums on the song "The Sorcerers Dream" on the coming Tower of Stone-demo "The Tale of Enchantia"! Thank You, Bobby, and a big welcome to The Tower! /E

Bobby Rondinelli Homepage
Bobby Rondinelli MySpace
The Lizards Homepage
The Lizards MySpace

The great guitarplayer Jonas Hörnqvist has now recorded his solos for the song "The Ogre" from the coming ToS-demo and it sounds awesome! Great work, Jonas - Thank You! Check out his homepage here!

I am glad to welcome Jonas Hörnqvist (from Treasure Land) to the Tower! He is a great guitarplayer and will be playing a solo on one of the songs on the coming demo! Welcome to the Tower, Jonas! I'm also very happy to inform that a legendary and awesome drummer is going to play on one song - who he is will be a surprise for now, until I know for sure that I can pay him for the job! But he is GREAT! Stay tuned! =)

Interview- and Reviews-sections added to the Menu! Thanks to Raskal for the interview and the review of "Painting Tomorrow"! Visit his page here! Thanks again!

I welcome back to The Tower: Janne Stark, Fabrizio, Andreas, Stig, Daniel, Mikael, Anders and the new one: Dennis Nielsen (from Dawn of Glory) on leadguitar! Welcome all! Check out the Members section! More news is that soon the lyrics to all the songs are finished, too, so soon the final recordings will start.

The music to the nine songs for the demo "The Tale of Enchantia" is now written and rough recordings have also been done of every song.

The work with demo number three has begun! It is under the work-name "The Tale of Enchantia" and will be a concept-demo/record and rough recordings of the first song has already been done.

The demo "Painting Tomorrow" is now finished! Thanks to everyone who participated on this demo! You absoultely ROCK! Check out the Tower Shop if You want to order the demo here! Thanks everyone!

Two more songs finished! Check out "Do or Die" & "Frosen Tears here! Thanks to Mikael for great vocals and Fabrizio and Stefan for great playing! Also thanks to Daniel Nilsson for studio and engineering!

Please check out the Board of Rock-project for the homeless! www.charityrock.tk

Three more songs are finished: "Stone by Stone", "Learn to Accept" & "Walls of Fear"! A Big thanks to Daniel Nilsson and Stig Vikstrom for the great vocals, Fabrizio for the great keyboards, Janne Stark for the great solo on LTA and Stefan for the great solo and for the "extra lyrics" on SbS! Also a big thanks to Andreas for engineering on "LTA"! You guys ROCK!

I'm honored to say that Janne Stark has recorded another guitarsolo and it is for the titlesong "Painting Tomorrow" and the solo is, of course, great! A thousand thanks, Janne! YOU ROCK! Check out his site here!

Today all the keyboard tracks became finished! Thank you, Fabrizio, for a work GREATLY done! You are truly amazing, my friend! I also welcome the third and fourth singer for the demo: Daniel Nilsson and Mikael Holm! Looking forward to your great vocals! You rock! Welcome to the Tower, Daniel, and welcome back, Mikael!

GREAT news: the legendary and very talented guitarplayer Janne Stark will be doing a guitarsolo for the song "Learn to Accept" on the demo! I have already heard the sample and the solo is GREAT! Thanks, Janne, and welcome to the Tower! You truly rock! =)

Now the second song from the upcoming demo is finished! It is the intrumental song called "Towards The Sun" - filled with GREAT keyboards by Fab and also a few bass-solos mixed with melodies! Thanks Fab for a GREAT job! You rule! You can hear the song at myspace.com/towerofstone!

The mixing and copyrighting of the song is now done! You can download it here or on the Downloads-page! Please feel free to write in the guestbook what You think of the song! Rock on! /Egon :)

The song "Purple Skies" is now 100% finished! We made the final vocal-recordings this evening in the great Rec Harding Studio! The singer Anders and the engineer Andreas did a great job, as always, and I'm very pleased with the outcome! I did some backing vocals as well, but that is for others to comment! *s* Thank you, Andreas & Anders! You ROCK!

The great Fab has finished the keyboards for "Frosen Tears"! Great work, Fab! Thanks! You rock!

This morning I got the final keyboards for the titlesong "Painting Tomorrow" and it is GREAT! Thanks, Fab! You are amazing! Also: the Tower Shop is up and running! Check it out through the menu or here!

I got the cover-art for the demo today! It is drawn by the talented Jennifer Singleton from Australia and you can watch it here! A thousand Thanks, Jennifer! You rock!

Stefan Berg (of Meduza) was by this evening and we recorded two guitarsolos! The songs are "Stone by Stone" and "Do or Die" and Stefan played two great solos! Thanks, Stefan! You rock!

Finally all the lyrics are written! Stig "Stickan" Vikstrom has also started the first rough recordings of the vocals for the song "Walls of Fear" and it sounds very good! Thanks, Stickan! You rock!

The Download-page updated with a sample of Purple Skies with Anders Sandlund on vocals!

A new singer added to the Tower! His name is Stig Vikstrom and he is the singer of Tundra! Welcome to the Tower, Stig! Looking forward to recording Your singing! Also, the lyrics to all the songs except one, has now been written!

The drums are finished and also the mixing of guitars and bass!

The final mixing of the drums has begun! And there are now two more soundclips on the Download-page! The songs are "Purple Skies" and "Walls of Fear"! All the best! /Egon

This evening we have recorded the vocals for "Purple Skies" with the great Anders Sandlund on vocals! It is just the final touch to do and then the first song is finished! Welcome to the Tower and Thanks, Anders, for great singing! Also Thanks to Andreas for the engineering and the Rec Harding Studio!
You guys rock!

The guitarsolo for "Purple Skies" is now recorded and done! Thanks, Andreas, for the great solo! You rock!

Due to weakness, I was back on drinking again this last weekend, I am very sorry to say. I'm working on building up my strength again now and hopefully it will go well. The demo is still in progress though, but I can be away for a little while. See you soon.

The music (drums, bass & guitars) to 8 out of 9 songs recorded! Also keyboards finished for two of them! Soon the music for the final song will be recorded and thanks to Fabrizio for his great work on the songs so far! The guitarists Andreas and Stefan will soon put their mark on the songs as well! Looking forward to that! Who will sing the songs is not yet set, but that is a pleasant "problem" to "fix" since I have 4 interested and great singers who wants to sing! So it might become more than one singer on the demo!

The tower is rising! See you soon! =)

Remastered "Starlit Eyes" & "The Devil's Stand" on the Download-page!

New song from "The Sacred Dragon" on the Download-page! "The Devil's Stand" with lyrics written by Andreas Fors of Tundra! Vocals by Patrik "Fame Factory 2006" Ohlund! Guitarsolo by Stefan Berg of Meduza!

Rob Eriksson has now joined as the second drummer for the demo! Welcome to The Tower! Members

Stefan Berg and Johnny Olsson are now new members in Tower of Stone as the second leadguitarist v/s drummer! Welcome to the Tower! A Members-page have also been added to the site! You can see it here or using the menu! Also, a new soundclip on the Download-page! A short clip from a song from the upcoming demo!

Tower of Stone now have 2 more permanent members! It is a great keyboardplayer from Italy named Fab and the swedish great guitarplayer Andreas! Welcome to the Tower, Fab & Andreas!

Due to some problems in life, the songs for demo 2 have been delayed, but they are slowly coming together now again! The final recordings will hopefully start in about a month or two! Below a "pre-cover" for the front-cover:
Click here!

Tab-page added to the homepage!

Nine out of planned nine songideas finished this evening. The music is written, rough recordings done of the tracks and when back from Sweden Rock Festival the work with the lyrics will start.

I have begun the work of demo number two and today I finished writing the music to the first song.

Sent the demo to SRM!

I have "protected" the songs at Stim.se.

New design for the homepage. The old one did not work on some computers.

"The Sacred Dragon" is after almost 2 (!) years finally finished! Will be sending the demo to friends and record companies the coming week.