The Tower of Stone-albums "Painting Tomorrow" and "The Tale of Enchantia" will be out on Spotify (through Record Union) in about 1-2 weeks. New song-ideas slowly growing for a new album.

ToS Spotify

The instrumental electric bass EP "Seven pieces of four strings" now out on Spotify through Record Union.



Now available on Spotify through Record Union:

Tower of Stone - "Just a minute"

Karl Egon Valdemar Lundberg - "Gryningstimma"

Soon the first Tower of Stone song is on Spotify. It is the single "Just a minute" from 2010. Released through Record Nation.

~ Also soon releasing a classical piece I composed in late january / early february 2011 named "Gryningstimma" (Hour of dawn). This piece will be found under my own (full) name Karl Egon Valdemar Lundberg ~

The instrumental electric bass guitar EP "Seven pieces of four strings" soon out on Spotify through Record Nation.

"Seven pieces of four strings" (2017)
- Egon "Ehom" Lundberg

Tower on Stone soon on Spotify through Record Union. For the moment two instrumental solo bass pieces released, "The Last Autumn" (2005) & "Flight of the Goldcrest" (2016) (search word "ehom"), and hoping to release ToS-songs soon.

Hope you all are well and hope you will like the music. Thank you, everyone. /Egon


Recorded a small instrumental hardrock/metal song called "Walking with the Ogre" (that maybe in time will grow into a song with vocals and keyboards). All the best /Egon



~ Wishing you all a good year of 2015 ~

I hope you are all well. Wishing you all happiness. I'm trying again to write music and hoping to upload some new songs with Tower of Stone. Tested to record some months ago, so I uploaded it here below. Thanks to all of you who still are there and for your support.



~ Wishing you all a good year of 2014 ~

All Tower of Stone-songs at:

Good wishes to all of You,


"The Forgotten Castle" (from "The Sacred Dragon" back in 2005). Video created and uploaded by Chinerunner. Thank you, my friend. Vocals: Patrik Öhlund Leadguitar: Andreas Fors. Thank you again, my friends.


Some changes made to "As The Raven Flies", working name for songidea #7 is "The Power of the Night" and songidea #8 is starting to come together.

Songidea #6 in progress, working title "Lost in a Shadow".

Working on songidea #5 ~ working title "As The Raven Flies".

Songidea #4 and first recording of music (guitars, bass, ezdrums) done ~ working title "Scream". No lyrics yet.

One more new song (#3), and a first recording of the music (guitars, bass, ezdrums), just done ~ working title "Candle Black". No lyrics yet.

A new song #2, and a first recording of the music (guitars, bass, ezdrums), done ~ working title "Angel in Disguise". No lyrics yet.

A new song, and a first recording of the music, done ~ working title "Hail the King". No lyrics yet.

~ Trevlig helg allihopa och ses vi inte mer detta år, så önskar jag Er alla ett gott, positivt och kärleksfullt år i det kommande nya 2013, må alla som har det svårt få det lättare och ljusare i livet ~

~ Wishing you all a nice weekend and if we don't see each other anymore this year, I wish that the coming new year of 2013 will become a good and positive year filled with love for every single one of you ~

Good wishes to all of you,
Egon "Ehom" Lundberg

Wanted to do a version of this olden and so beautiful melody (on bass). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greensleeves

Wishing you all a safe and MeRRy Christmas /Egon
(A new bass piece and working on some songideas)



Tab here.



Tab here.

"Legends and myths" are in slow, slow progress again.

The music of ToS has silenced, do not know if or when it will come back, but hopefully one day. Thank you everyone for your friendship and support. A special thanks to Fabrizio Muratori - thank you so much for everything that you brought to the songs - You are great, my friend. A special thanks to Jennifer Singleton fpr all the great artwork. Also a special thanks to Andreas Fors for the friendship and all the help. And a special thanks to everyone of you who contributed to the songs, so much appreciated. And last, but not least at all: thanks to all of You fans who have been there and shown your great support - You are the Best! Thanks, Sergey, bro! :)

A few tips of great bands:


Great internet radios:

Metal Messiah Radio
Hardrock Radio Live

The great Marina.
The great Raskal.

Listen for free to all the songs
of ToS on grooveshark.

~Straight down I'm swirling around
Blinded and bruised by the strain
There must be some way to see
Diamonds out of the rain


*New song* A Big Thanks to the amazing Fabrizio (keyboard arrangement and solo) and Matias (guitarsolo #2) - You rock! Have a great day and weekend, everyone! Best wishes /Egon

New review of "Heart of a Viking" on the Review-page!
Thank you so much, Miguel Ramirez G.! Much appreciated.
Best wishes,

Been introduced to Rising Records (UK) and Radio Metal (France) by Marina and sent them ToS songs. Thanks so much, Marina - you rock! And this evening I also wrote and recorded a one minute metal song for fun - it is called "Just a Minute" :)


Best wishes,
/Egon :)

"Breaking the Silence" Written and recorded 2010-09-22.

ToS on Grooveshark.com now.

2010-08-03a www.myspace.com/overtherainbowrocks

Over the Rainbow played in Piteå last Thursday! So wonderful to see them and hear all these great Rainbow-songs! Magic. And so great to finally meet the great Bobby Rondinelli and shake his hand. He is a great and cool guy and I hope to meet him again and also hope to work with him again one day. Thanks, Bobby, for everything and for being so kind and great! Joe Lynn Turner and Paul Morris were great, too. Thanks, Joe, for the talk about Ronnie, your songs and for being so kind and great! Thanks, Paul, for being so great and funny - guess you will not try "snus" again? :) Also thanks to my friends Claes Isacson, Andreas Fors and Stig Vikström who also made this evening great! And Thanks to Piteå Dansar och Ler Festival, for bringing Over the Rainbow to Piteå! Also thanks to Ros-Marie, who were so great, kind and helpful to us in the vip-room! Thanks again, Over the Rainbow! Hope you will return to Piteå again one day!

Bobby Rondinelli (thanks Tom for the pic)

Joe Lynn Turner (thanks Claes for the pic)

Paul Morris
(thanks Claes for the pic)

(more pics at ToS Myspace)

Metal Central's "This Weeks MySpace band" is ToS!
Thank You so much, Metal Central, Niklas & Johan
much appreciated! \m/


The work with "Rising for Tomorrow" (the instrumental song) and the next album continues this week. And here's also a new bass piece:

All the best /Egon :)

Going to Sweden Rock Festival today (thanks again wonderful friends who gave this present) and will be gone for about a week. When back, the work with the instrumental song will continue and then "Legends and Myths". The instrumental song will feature Fabrizio and the guitarplayer Matias from Brazil. Thanks, Fab and Matias. Also thanks Marina for introducing Matias to us and thanks again to everyone who supports ToS. Wishing everyone a great day, week and weekend.



On Saturday 5:th of June, Dio-fans in Piteå and nearby payed their respect to Ronnie James Dio by watching the Dio-dvd "Holy Diver Live" at the local cinema. The idea and arrangement by Fredrik Burström, Piteå. Thank you, Fredrik - you truly rock.

Rest in peace, Ronald James Padovana, my friend. So deeply, deeply sad. Missing you so much. My deepest condolences to dear Wendy and everyone who loved Ronnie.


To Ronald

Added songs to ToS MySpace.

Thanks to Fab, Mikael Holm, Daniel Nilsson,
Stefan Berg, Patrik Öhlund and Daniel Boström
on these songs. You are great.

Also thanks again to Everyone of you who have
sung or played on a ToS song and also Thanks
to all of you who have supported and still supports

All the best /Egon

The band "Over The Rainbow" with Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984), Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997), Jurgen "J.R." Blackmore (son of the founder of Rainbow, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore) will play in Piteå in the end of July this summer!

Over The Rainbow MySpace Page

ToS MySpace (Bobby playing the drums
on "The Sorcerer's Dream"

P.S. Also a new Crossword added (in swedish) D.S.

The song "Heart of a Viking" featuring the great Lorenzo Ticci (Nhorizon) on lead vocals and the great Fabrizio Muratori (NhorizoN) on backing whispers and keyboards, uploaded on MySpace! Feel free to check it out here! Thanks you so much, Lorenzo and Fab - you truly ROCK! /E


The Internet radio Pluto Radio will play some ToS-songs: www.plutoradio.com Thanks, Pluto Radio, and again Thanks to: Metal Messiah Radio and Hardrock Radio Live! Best wishes /E

A NEW version of the song "Heart of a Viking" will soon be released! Lead vocals by the great Lorenzo Ticci (NhorizoN) and also some backing whispers by the great Fab! Thank you so much, my Italian friends - you truly rock! /Egon


Also: Happy Birthday to my friend Helena Meyer! :)

The great Marina V from DBM Label have written a review on the ToS songs - read it here or through the Marina-link in the menu. Thank You so much, my Friend, Marina! Warms the heart. Warmest Regards /Egon

The titles for the songs on the upcoming "Legends and Myths" are the following:

01 Medusa (Turn You To Stone)
02 Bite of the Vampire
03 Smaug
04 The Brook Horse
05 Sasquatch
06 Under the Moon (Run with the Werewolf)
07 Dame du Lac
08 Excalibur
09 Legends and Myths

Some titles may be changed during the working process, but these are the titles at the moment for the 9 riffs. Best wishes /Egon

A chatroom and a streaming feature has been added to the homepage (see the menu). In the near future there will be some ToS' plus favorite songs streaming during chats (for those who wants to join in - everyone is welcome). Also maybe some contests, freebies and other "happenings" along the way. Stay tuned! /E

Read the recommendation for ToS by the amazing Marina V here! Thanks so much, Marina - you are great! Warmest Regards /Egon

The ToS Forum is back - feel free to join, talk music, life and maybe promote your own band or other interests. ToS Forum

New Lyrics page.

Tower of Stone goes Virtual.
The freeware here: 3D Photo Album.

Marina "LionPsyche" V, chops911.com and D.B.M Label
wants to sign Tower of Stone and going to send a contract! Thanks so much - You rock, Marina, my friend! /Egon

"Heart of a Viking" [edition 1] finished.


Greeting to Ronnie Ja
mes Dio. Dio Sign Bass Medley and Dio Sign Bass Solo.

Nine new riffs written a while back. I do not know yet what the next demo will be about, but the working title/idea is "Legends and Myths". Thanks everyone - You rock! All the best /E


Thanks to Dave Softee and Metal Messiah Radio for the interview, for playing some ToS tunes and for playing all these great songs from bands that still are such an inspiration - especially the songs with Ronnie James Dio (pure magic). Dave, my brother from another mother - you rock! Also Thanks to all the great people that were in the chatroom, for the friendship and support. You all rock - hope to see you all again soon! All the best /E


(interview) Saturday 16 11AM to 2PM EST
Click here to see the MMR-banner (thanks, LC!)
Thanks, Dave and MMR!

The final song "Heart of a Viking" uploaded on MySpace. Great keyboards by the amazing Fabrizio Muratori. Thank you so much, Fabrizio. Sorry for the long time to finish this particular demo. Lots of things has happened along the way. Thank you all for the great support and friendship and keeping in touch and writing. You are the best. Will make the final mixing and the demo is done. Thanks again.

All the best,

New fan on the Fanpage!

New fan on the Fanpage!

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and I wish you a continuous great 2010. The song "God of Thunder" uploaded on ToS MySpace! Great solo by Frederic Hugues of Blackstone! Thanks, Frederic! One more song to go and then this demo is finished. All the best, /Egon

Sending you all good wishes and positive energies
for the year of 2010. All the best /Egon, ToS

The song "Slayer" uploaded on MySpace.
Thanks, Joacim Forsgren, for the great solo!

MeRRy Christmas!

Edit 2010-01-10: The Free Christmas present is no longer here, but
if You want the song, feel free to e-mail me egge@passagen.se

"Dragon Ships (So deep, the waters)" uploaded to MySpace. Great keyboards by the great Fabrizio and great solo by Jan "JaMa" Martinsson. Thanks, Fab & JaMa! Next song will be "Slayer".

The next song to be finished is "Dragon Ships". Great keyboards by the great Fabrizio and great solo by Jan "JaMa" Martinsson. Thanks, Fab & JaMa!

Also a big Happy Birthday to Claes Isacson! Hope you get a great day!

Best wishes,

One year today. Missing you, dear Dad. Looking forward to meeting you again one day.


Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, Ronnie.
You are the greatest.


The work with the songs continues.
Here's a small improvisation on the bass for now:


Thanks, Lars-Patrik and Dan for this - it was fun to play!
This is reggae, but U rock! :)

And thanks again everyone for the presents on my birthday and for the party! Wishing you all a great day and a great weekend to come.

First a candle for my late father Göran:

Missing you. R.I.P.

Second, I wish you all a great weekend.
Third, I turned 40 years young/old today.
Thank you all for the greetings. You are all great.

Thanking for these 40 years - looking forward
to (hopefully) 40 more :)

And thanks to Fabrizio for the great keyboard sound-
files I got for the song "Dragon Ships" today. U rock!

Best wishes to you all,

2009-10-15 (a)

Thank you so much, Phil and your friends in Utah!
Much appreciated. /Egon

"Carved in Stone" uploaded on MySpace. Great solos by the great Jonas Hörnqvist. Thanks - U rock! Visit Jonas' MySpace here.

The vocals for "Carved in Stone" was recorded today.

The song "Threshold to Valhalla" is uploaded on ToS MySpace. I sing on this one, so a warning is needed.. I'm not a great singer, but I hope you will like the song despite that =) Have a great weekend! Best wishes /Egon

2009-09-16 (b)
Soon "came quickly" - recorded the vocals for "Threshold to Valhalla" this evening and also mixed the whole song. Thanks again to Johan Randén for his great solo.

2009-09-16 (a)
Soon I will start to record the vocals for the songs. I will be singing.. Not sure if that is a good or "horribly bad" thing.. =) We'll see.. I want this demo to be finished this year and I hope that it will be. I also hope that maybe one more will sing a song. I still have some lyrics to write though.. Thanks to all of you who supports ToS; for the friendship and for keeping in touch. You are the best! Wishing you all a great week! Best wishes /Egon

Back to the roots: last Saturday, 12:th of September, a few members from the old band Steel "re-united" and jammed some old songs from the 80's. Thanks, Claes & Mikael, for this great jam! It was back to "when it all started" (see the pics in History) and it was great fun playing these old songs again. And who knows, maybe Steel will record some new songs as well soon :)

The mixing "sessions" are going slow, but good. And the great Fabrizio will be playing some more keyboards on the demo! Thanks, my friend! Very much appreciated! Also big congrats to the great news for NhorizoN! You so deserve it and I wish you all success!

And on the side of ToS: A recommendation for a movie with great songs and great performances: Rent.

The mixing of the music for "Heart of a Viking" has begun now.

2009-08-29 (On the side of ToS)
Today Michael should have had his birthday.
R.I.P. Michael.

2009-08-28 (On the side of ToS)
A Big Happy Birthday to Shania Twain today! :)

Those who want the ToS Demos below as Mp3, feel free to e-mail me and I will send them to You through sprend.com. Totally free, of course :)

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