After starting the first band Ciel with my friend Claes Isacson in the year of 1978 and since then been playing with many different bands such as Steel, The Immediates, Rumble Fish; the coverbands Palt Fiction and Roadcrew, to name just a few - I wanted to start a music project writing my own music again. This started in the year of 2003 after meeting the awesome keyboardplayer Jens Johansson of Stratovarius at the Piteå Dansar & Ler Festival. I have for several years been escaping my inner demons with the "help" of alcohol, so when I, after that festival, finally decided to skip partying, I wrote the music to all the songs on my demo "The Sacred Dragon" in one week. The experience was like an explosion. Suddenly, with the new focus in life, these songs came out from the dark, so to speak. The lyrics of "Into the Shadow" is about drinking problems.

Tower of Stone is music from my heart, but due to all of the talented musicians that I'm fortunate to have with me in "The Tower", I am happy to see that their hearts are into the songs as well. And for that, I am very grateful!

Early rehearsal ROCK-SM 1987! Metal! =) Also metal? =)
"When it all started" - Click the pics! =)

"HEAVY LOADED" (Early recording in '82 from the demo "For Fans Only" with only guitar and drums!:-) Drums played by Claes Isacson and guitar by me.

Pics: me and my father in July 1971 here =)