2008 "The Tale of Enchantia"

Artwork©Jennifer Singleton

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01 The Sorcerers Dream
02 Journey to the Valley
03 The Battle
04 Trapped in the Castle
05 Magic Mirror
06 Tale of the Forest
07 Here Comes The Ogre
08 Fires in the Sky
09 Enchantia

Bobby Rondinelli
Drums on "The Sorcerers Dream"
Claes Isacson

Drums on "Fires in the Sky"
Janne Stark,
Lead guitar
Jonas Hörnqvist,
Lead guitar
Fabrizio Muratori
, Keyboards
Andreas Fors
, Lead guitar
Frederic Hugues, Lead guitar
Claes Isacson
Drums on "Fires in the Sky"
Stig Vikstrom, Lead Vocals
Daniel Nilsson, Lead Vocals
Mikael Holm, Lead Vocals
Luiz Syren, Lead Vocals
Egon Lundberg, Bass, Rhythm-
guitars, Lead guitar, Acoustic guitar,
Backing vocals

All songs©E.Lundberg 2008-

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