Inspiration and favorite videos:

A recommendation for a movie
with great songs and great
performances: Rent.

Sara Löfgren

Thank You so much for singing from Your heart
and touching our hearts in such a wonderful, wonderful way!
Can only second what the great singer Shirley Clamp
says after "Rock and Roll".. "My God..!" =)

Sarah Brightman - What a wonderful world

Mick Hucknall - Beside You

The amazing Paul Potts
sings "Nessun Dorma"

The amazing Bianca Ryan 11 years old!

The amazing CONNIE 6 years old!

The amazing David Phelps!

The great Nightwish!
"Bye Bye Beautiful"

The great Nightwish!

The great Ronnie James Dio!

The great Rainbow!

The great Iron Maiden!

The great AC/DC!

The great Judas Priest!

The great Dream Theater!

The great Talisman! Marre rules!

The timeless ABBA!

The timeless ABBA!

The wonderful Shania Twain
- not just a pretty face! =)

The genius Mike Oldfield!

The great Louis Armstrong. R.I.P.

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