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TOWER OF STONE (SWE) - Painting Tomorrow 2007 - THE VERDICT
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TOWER OF STONE – Painting Tomorrow – 2007 Self Production – 9 tracks 42'

Underground is really full of great surprises for me (and I'm sure for you too!)! I already reviewed good, very good and some excellent records on this Blog…and today I start this new day with another excellent band! TOWER OF STONE!
Don't be influenced by the naïve cover from PAINTING TOMORROW (it's not pejorative as I am an addict of this kind of cover!), and listen to these 8 songs you will be obliged to buy this CD if you are into Classic Metal! Each song is different and give you many sensations, from emotion to Headbanging never you will find this CD boring!
You have to know this is a project from Eon LUNDBERG that play its songs with many different musicians and singers (4! But not at the same time of course). So that's the reason songs are really different and you will find influences from RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE ("Purple Skies"), SCORPIONS on "Taken By Force" period and JUDAS PRIEST with their calm songs ("Painting Tomorrow"), ACCEPT ("Learn To Accept"), MALMSTEEN and STRATOVARIUS on their mid 90's period ("Towards The Sun"), or JAG PANZER (on "Walls of Fear"), the others songs will be a perfect mixing of all these influences ("Do or Die" that open like a storm the CD, "Frozen Tears" and "Stone by Stone".
Really warm and good production, the guitars are cutting like a sword, melodies are always there and each song is a Hit ! I'm obliged to talk about the "Tribute" song to ACCEPT, "Learn to Accept"…Egon I want to tell you you're a genius to have done this song!
"I am a Rebel, I have a Metal Heart, I'm Restless and Wild, I am a Monster Man "!
What a Heavy sound you gave this song! So please listen to this "easy" song that could be a unreleased dong from the guys from Sollingen ( there is also a touch of old JUDAS)!
I think you understood what you have to do right now !!!! CONTACT Egon on MYSPACE and bring your STONE to build the Future TOWER!

THE VERDICT = considering it's a first CD in Self Production

RASKAL The French Warrior gives a 19,5/20
RASKAL The Objective gives a 18/20

The French Warrior speaks with its Heart and is more interested by the essence of the songs / cover / attitudes…
The Objective takes all with a more "professional" vision (production, way to play, to sing...) and tries to be neutral.


Since the early ages
When the metal ruled the world
A thunder roaring
A sound that's never been heard

I am a rebel
I got a metal heart
I'm restless and wild
I am a monster man

Let's greet the new time
For a metal world of steel
The balls against the wall
You know how it feels

I am a rebel
I got a metal heart
I'm restless and wild
I am a monster man

Save us
There's no time to loose
Thunder and lightning
On the wings of winter dreams
Save us
From the sounds of war
Burning feelings
Don't fight it back
You gotta learn to Accept

A heart of metal
And eyes of steel
The roaring thunder
You know it's real

I am a rebel
I got a metal heart
I'm restless and wild
I am a monster man

Behold the glory
It is all coming back
This is the time
When we dress in black

I am a rebel
I got a metal heart
You gotta learn to Accept ;)

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