TOWER OF STONE "Heart of a Viking" - Independent - 2010

New contribution of Egon Lundberg Swedish musician with his meritorious Tower of Stone, a band to which I still think that in light of published work as still do not get a seal that releases the most professional manner. The sound points up, heavy metal with more traditional bill, incorporating musicians each delivery of high standards and extensive background in the Scandinavian metalhead world as guitarist Janne Stark (Audiovision, Locomotive Breath, Planet Alliance, among others) as well as keyboardist Eldritch and NHorizon, Fabrizio Muratori, in addition to the singer Daniel Nilsson, with militancy in other bands under Swedish and Tundra.
Case grab power from the first song "Ancient Tears" giving all the eighties heavy type, remembering what has been done by the likes of Black Sabbath Dio was (or Heaven & Hell for the most nostalgic) and also the sound of that mythical brothers' project Johansson (Anders and Jens) who were in the late nineties when they released this great album called "The Last Viking", this last in the main, endorsed by large doses of melody and virtuosity displayed in several passages this album. The initial "Ancient Tears" is one of those songs full of great emotional vibe, perhaps a single opening that best summarizes the spirit of this new board, half time and energetically played by Daniel powerful melodies and executed to perfection that evoke a journey through the Nordic Seas aboard the Scandinavian legendary knorr. "Hammer of Thor" begins with a somewhat forced ascent of Daniel that gives rise to an insistent halftime of classical, not as lucid as the above, while the sound does not work is not the best, which greatly improves with coreable "Rune Stones", a melodic and catchy chorus, but anyway I would throw some more speed to a cut that could give more of themselves.
In "Threshold to Valhalla" witnessing perhaps one of his best achievements for this job. Cut loose compact riffs and haggard, but the voices I seem to suffer from certain defects in the recording, sounding somewhat behind the rest of the instruments, otherwise weird since we had not noticed and in the previous demo. However, the rhythmic sound clean and very contagious, but not much to do with the next "Carved in Stone", another dye-time sabbatical with driven guitars, a little boring for my taste.
However, his most interesting retake on "Dragon Ships (So Deep, The Waters)" with a pompous air intake neoclassical ideal of the said Fabrizio Muratori keyboards, with the following "Slayer" perhaps the most significant pillars plate, because the latter is a piece of cutting remnants powermetaleros, with guitars and an interesting hike on drums gallop hymnic getting a cut or plan Nocturnal Rites Hammerfall.
After a somewhat tedious part time "God of Thunder", close the paper with the title track to this release, "Heart of a Viking," an uptempo aggressive, guitar, heavier classic old-style, with ambient keyboards background melodies that structure rather than achieved, apart from the chorus of intonation with fists.
Anyway, decent saves work, but for our unlucky not to the same level that we previously deslumbraramos. They can form their own opinion by listening to these new cuts himself in the band's myspace http://www. / towerofstone or even listening to the samplers from the official site
NOTE: 6.5 / 10
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Thank you so much, Miguel Ramirez G.! Much appreciated. /Egon

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