TOWER OF STONE – Painting Tomorrow (CDemo) Sweden
June 2008 Written by Ronny Elst
Style: Hard Rock
Running time: 41:44 (Tracks: 9)

This project is the creation of brainchild and bass player Egon Lundberg. The project name is taken from the Rainbow song "Stargazer", from the lyrics by the great Ronnie James Dio. Egon has played in many different bands through the years since 1978, and also in a few coverbands, but now he concentrates only for Tower Of Stone. In 2005 he released the first demo cd, "The Sacred Dragon", which he recorded together with some friends (musicians/vocalists). Also for "Painting Tomorrow" he invited several known and less known musicians/vocalists, especially from Sweden. Guitarists which played on "Painting Tomorrow" are Janne Stark, Andreas Fors and Stefan Berg. Vocalists which he hired are Stig Vikstrom, Anders Sandlund, Daniel Nilsson and Mikael Holm. And as keyboard player, he found Fabrizio Muratori from the Italian band Nhorizon. More about the songs now. Opener "Do Or Die" is an up-tempo song in the old Stratovarius style. "Frozen Tears" is a typical Swedish 80's melodic hardrock song. "Purple Skies" and "Stone By Stone" are classic hardrock songs which refer to Deep Purple and Rainbow. "Towards The Sun" is a great instrumental track, very much comparable with Malmsteen's early work. "Learn To Accept" is a kind of Accept-tribute song, as well lyrics and music. "Into The Land Of Fairies" is a short bass-piece from Egon himself. "Walls Of Fear" reminds me a lot of bands such as Jag Panzer and Metal Church. And the last and title song "Painting Tomorrow" is once again a classic hard rock song, in the style of Black Sabbath/Rainbow. Egon has managed to compose a very diverse hard rock album, with different music styles, and with great guest musicians/vocalists! Currently he's working on his next album "The Tale Of Enchantia", which will be probably released by a record label. Many success with that Egon!

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