The great Marina V's
Review and Recommendation

Heart of a Viking:
Mundo Rock (original)
Mundo Rock (translated to english)
The Metal Crypt

The Tale of Enchantia:

Sweden Rock Magazine!
(in swedish)

Mundo Rock
(in english and link to their
site for other languages)

Sweden Metal
(in swedish)

Métal Intégral (Raskal)
(in different languages)

Painting Tomorrow:

Joyzine 081025
(in swedish)

The Forgotten Scroll
(in english)

Marios Metal Mania
(in english)

Metal Underground
(in german)
(in swedish)

Melodic Renaissance Magazine, Japan

(in japanese and english)

Raskal's Review
(in english)

Sweden Rock Magazine
(in swedish)

The Sacred Dragon:
(in english)
Nordic Rage
(in swedish)