Such an artist deserves a book to be written… Yes, this is the reality. He is professional, always adorable by others, a real human being, thinking and feeling so deep, that through his lyrics many will understand it. Really communicative in a way that is too rare nowadays! I am amazed by his personality, character, soul, artistic spirit! All these combine the perfect artist! And he is the one!

A songwriter feeling his lyrics and writing for those who can really feel what Love, Respect, Understanding mean. As one of his songs is called "A Heart of a Viking", I strongly believe that he has got such a Heart! He talks about humanity, beauty, pain and how evil can be fought by real warriors of life. He gets inspired by everything surrounding him, even from experiences by others. If you read his lyrics, you will deeply understand the meaning of his Art.

Some lyrics may depress you, others may encourage you, but all can make you feel that you can fight both for your own good and for others' good. His songs are many and a lot have to be written in the near future. Mr. Egon will welcome you as he always does. He is warm-hearted and each word of him is meant! This is really important, as we know that there are many artists nowadays… Just wonder if all can do so… May he always be like that!

He wonders about life, he feels afraid, feels the darkness, still looking for the Light in his life, trying to embrace it. He knows this will become the reality, but through his lyrics explains all his thoughts, concepts, passions leading him to his conclusions. I think that real experiences make us write such songs. All taken from our lives, our hearts, our ideas… Most people fight evil and this is deeply expressed in Mr. Egon's lyrics. He is passionate, expressing the human side of someone with all the results… Results which can be disastrous or creative. It always depends on the personalities.

Always appreciating others' work, either they have helped him or not. He will accept you with a great smile that you may not see it, but you will feel it. Dedicated to his work with much love and respect to hard rock music and never underestimating other kinds of music, like metal, industrial and so on. An open-minded person, pleased to meet new people, new kinds of music, as he can always discriminate new horizons and open them for his music, his partners, himself.

Through his songs, he expresses pain, sorrow, fears, thoughts. Sometimes, he may play harder related to his inside, other times more softly. He is understandable by many people and he has fans who always follow him. His lyrics conclude somewhere at the end of each song. This is marvelous for an artist who keeps fighting for his rights, his songs, his music. The music he mostly loves!

He has collaborated with outstanding musicians and artists from the magic world of graphics. You can check and admire his banners here: His official site which includes not only his collaborations, some of his lyrics, interviews, reviews, information about our artist, a forum, but also fun for all, like crosswords and games. Real enjoyment! It is like you get into another world. And… this is out of the world…! Classification dominates this site and you are all welcome! Just enter to his hard rock site and you won't regret it…

I wish him to fulfill all his goals and inspire us every day! May his dreams come true. May every day be another brilliant day for him! We will keep being enchanted by such a hard rocker as in my opinion he gives a new breath to rock music. I am sure that a new period has already started for him and that he will be recognized by many from now on! One of the best projects I have ever heard from the Rock World! I wish him to be himself and never change his attitude! We will always be enchanted by him and his rifffs!

Warmest Regards,

Marina V.

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