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HARDROCK. Sometimes you have luck. You got to say that at least about Egon Lundberg, Piteå. The drummer Bobby Rondinelli, former member of Rainbow, is playing on one of his new songs.
-It is big, he has been in one of my absolute favorite bands, so of course I'm very happy!
Bobby Rondinelli played on the classic Rainbow-albums as "Difficult to cure" & "Straight between the eyes". From distance he contributes his drumplaying to the Piteå-project "Tower of stone".


To succeed you got to go for it and like Lundberg says "a question can at worst only get the answer 'no'". That is why he took the chance and mailed one of his favorite drummers before the recording of his third demo with Tower of Stone with the question if Bobby would be interested in playing the drums on one of the songs, "The Sorcerer's Dream". He sent Bobby the song, with programmed drums, and got an quick reply. Bobby Rondinelli, who eariler have played with bands like Rainbow, Blue Öyster Cult and Scorpions answered quickly.

- He wrote that he liked the song very much and agreed to record the drums for that song.

The reason why it became Bobby Rondinelli is easy to understand after a chat with Lundberg. He burns for the old hardrock/metal and especially for Rainbow.

New and old

- When it comes to Rondinelli, Bobby have such a great feeling in his drumplaying, it is not only about the technical aspect. It is almost like there is something magical over it. It feels amazing that a musician that have played with Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and Rainbow and Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath now is playing a song with little me.

When Lundberg gets the chance to describe his music, he chooses to mention some old and new bands.

- It is like Rainbow, Dio and Black Sabbath meets Yngwie Malmsteen, Metal Church and Dream Theater. Well, older music mixed with something new, so to speak.

Tower of Stone is not a regular band. Instead Lundberg, who is a bassplayer, chooses to call it a band-project.

- I have chosen not to have a band like before. Before ToS I have played in coverbands or bands where someone else have written the songs. Maybe I sound like a "diva", but this time I wanted to have "full power" over the music. So I "hire" musicians when needed.

The Earth has shrinked

But it is not only professional musicians like Rondinelli who are in on this.

- No, I have many friends who have played with me during previous recordings and it is the same thing now. I work a lot over the Internet, for example Fabrizio Muratori, who plays the keyboards on the two latest demo-CD:s. He lives in Italy and we work together through MSN. You could say that Internet shrinks the world.

Interest from Italy

At the moment Lundberg is waiting for an offer from a record label in Italy. They have shown interest in the new songs and he hopes very much that it will lead to a record deal.

- That would be a dream come true, closes Lundberg.

By Sara Lindström
Translated into english by Ehom

Published: 2008-01-29 00:00

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